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What is workupload?

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workupload is an online platform that enables users to easily share and send large files. It offers a secure and fast file transfer service, allowing users to upload files up to 2 GB in size without registration. It supports all file types and provides options to set a file password, control the number of downloads, and specify storage time.


  1. Large File Sharing: Allows users to share files up to 2 GB in size.
  2. No Registration Required: Users can upload and share files without the need to create an account.
  3. All File Types: Supports sharing of files in various formats, including documents, images, videos, and more.
  4. File Password Protection: Provides the option to set a password to prevent public access to shared files.
  5. Download Control: Allows users to specify the maximum number of downloads for shared files.
  6. Storage Time: Users can set the duration for which the shared files will be available for download.

Use Cases:

  • Sharing Large Files: Ideal for sharing files that exceed email attachment limits or other file sharing platforms' restrictions.
  • Secure File Transfer: Users can protect sensitive files by setting a password and control access to them.
  • Temporary File Sharing: Suitable for sharing files for a limited period, such as project collaborations or event materials.
  • Convenient File Distribution: Enables users to distribute files to multiple recipients via email without the need for individual file attachments.
Published on Jan. 30, 2024