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What is WOV.APP?

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WOV.APP is an all-in-one AI-based solution that allows you to design and monetize Android and iOS apps. It offers a simple and intuitive app builder with customizable options, making it easy for anyone to build a successful mobile app. With powerful functionalities and real-time preview capabilities, WOV.APP empowers businesses to take their operations online and create AI-supported apps that drive sales.

1. No-Code App Building: WOV.APP allows you to build apps without any coding knowledge. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and click-to-edit features, you can easily design and customize your app to match your business needs.

2. Real-Time Preview: You can preview your app in seconds, for free, before publishing it on the Play Store or App Store. WOV.APP lets you make changes to the platform and see the results in real-time, ensuring you can fine-tune your app's design and functionality.

3. Customizable Templates: WOV.APP offers a variety of trending and unique templates to choose from. You can select a template that interests you or design your app from scratch, giving you full control over its appearance and layout.

4. Add Desired Features and Styles: With WOV.APP, you can easily add and customize features and styles in your app. The platform allows you to drag-and-drop elements, rearrange them, and make changes without writing a single line of code.

5. App Launching: Once you have designed your app, you can preview it to ensure quality and perfection. WOV.APP supports Android and iOS app publishing, making it easy to launch your app on both platforms.

6. 24x7 Expert Support: WOV.APP provides round-the-clock support from experts who can assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during the app building process.

7. Free Plan: WOV.APP offers a free plan that provides you with a taste of its features. With no time limit and unlimited products, you can explore the platform and get started with building your app at no cost.

8. PRO Plans: WOV.APP offers two PRO plans, an annual and a monthly plan. These plans remove product and sales limits, provide branding and theme customization options, and allow you to publish your app on both Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Free updates are also included with the PRO plans.

9. Enterprise Plan: For high-volume businesses with specific needs, WOV.APP offers an Enterprise Plan. This plan is tailored to your requirements, and you can discuss the options available by scheduling a call with the WOV.APP team.

10. Book a Demo: If you want to see a demonstration of the WOV.APP platform, you can book a demo. The team will reach out to you within a day to provide you with more information and guidance.

11. Video Guides: WOV.APP offers video guides to help you navigate and make the most of their platform. These guides provide step-by-step instructions and tips for building your shopping app.

WOV.APP simplifies the process of creating shopping apps by offering a no-code solution with customizable templates, real-time preview, and powerful functionalities. With its user-friendly interface and expert support, businesses can quickly build and launch their own apps without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Published on Dec. 4, 2023