Youtube transcript AI summary.

Get AI-generated summaries for YouTube video transcripts.

What is Youtube transcript AI summary.?

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The Youtube Transcript AI Summary is a Chrome extension that leverages artificial intelligence to provide summaries of YouTube video transcripts. With this extension, users can quickly and efficiently understand the content of lengthy videos by generating concise summaries.


  1. Automatic AI Summary: Utilizes the OpenAI API to automatically generate summaries of long-form video transcripts.
  2. Manual Summary: Allows users to submit text to a ChatGPT model for a personalized summary of the content.
  3. Text Splitting: Enables users to split long pieces of text into smaller, more manageable chunks for easier navigation.
  4. Customized Prompt Entry: Gives users the ability to enter custom prompts to obtain more accurate summaries based on specific information needs.
  5. Support for GPT4: The latest version of the extension includes support for GPT4, an advanced language model.
  6. Pro Features: The Pro version offers additional capabilities, such as breaking long texts into chunks to ensure accurate summaries and the ability to obtain captions for YouTube videos.

Use Cases:

  • Researchers: Easily summarize and extract key information from research-related YouTube videos.
  • Students: Quickly grasp the main points of educational videos for studying and note-taking.
  • Content Creators: Efficiently review and analyze user feedback by summarizing comments on their YouTube videos.
  • Information Seekers: Save time by obtaining concise summaries of tutorial, review, or informative videos.
  • Language Learners: Enhance comprehension of foreign language videos by generating summaries for better understanding.
Published on Jan. 25, 2024