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What is 11zon?

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11zon is an online platform that offers a wide range of tools for file processing, including PDF optimization, image compression, file conversion, and more. It provides a simple, fast, and secure solution to enhance your file handling experience.


  1. PDF Tools: Optimize PDF, compress PDF, merge and split PDF, crop PDF pages, organize PDF, rotate PDF, remove PDF pages, extract PDF, extract images, add page numbers, add watermark, and convert to PDF from various formats.
  2. Image Tools: Optimize image, compress image (JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP), convert image (JPG, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, BMP), crop image, resize image, rotate image, crop circle image, merge photos, and resize photo and signature.
  3. Converter Tools: Convert images, documents, Excel files, presentations, ebooks, vectors, and CAD files to various formats.
  4. GIF Tools: Create GIF images, split GIF into images.
  5. ZIP Tools: Create ZIP files, extract ZIP files.
  6. Others: Barcode generator, password generator, extract colors from images, and color extractor.

Use Cases:

  • File Compression: Reduce the size of PDF files and images to save storage space or optimize them for web sharing.
  • File Conversion: Convert files between different formats, such as converting Word documents to PDF or images to different formats.
  • File Organization: Merge PDFs, split and rearrange pages, add page numbers or watermarks, and perform various operations to organize and enhance your files.
  • Image Editing: Crop, resize, rotate, and merge images, as well as add signature or watermark for professional or personal use.
  • Productivity Boost: Batch process multiple files simultaneously to improve efficiency and save time.

How to use it?

  1. Choose the desired tool or category from the navigation menu on the website.
  2. Select the specific tool or function you want to use.
  3. Follow the provided instructions and options to upload, process, or edit your files.
  4. Customize the settings or parameters if required.
  5. Preview the output or make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Download the processed or converted file to your device.

In Summary

11zon is a reliable and user-friendly online platform that offers a diverse range of file processing tools. With its simple interface, fast processing speed, and commitment to data privacy, you can efficiently optimize, convert, and organize your files.

Whether you need to compress PDFs, convert images, merge documents, or perform various other file operations, 11zon provides a convenient solution to enhance your file handling experience.

Published on Feb. 4, 2024