The fastest way to create social media carousels.

What is aiCarousels?

Visit Site provides a user-friendly tool that allows you to create captivating carousels for social media without the need for design expertise. Whether it's for personal or business purposes, this website offers everything you need to generate professional-looking content and enhance your online presence. With the help of AI, you can also generate carousel content effortlessly.

1. Free Carousel Maker: The website offers a free carousel maker and generator, allowing you to create stunning carousels without any cost. You can access a wide range of features without any limitations.

2. AI Writing Assistant: includes an AI writing assistant feature. You can choose a topic or enter existing content, and the AI will help you write a captivating carousel. You can edit the generated content to suit your style.

3. No Design Expertise Required: The website's design platform is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for non-designers to create eye-catching carousels. You don't need prior design knowledge or skills to use this tool.

4. Auto-Resize: Save time and effort with the auto-resize feature. Elements within the carousel automatically adjust their size and positioning, ensuring a polished look without the need for manual adjustments.

5. Predefined Colors & Fonts: provides handpicked color palettes and font pairings to help you create harmonious designs. This feature removes the guesswork of choosing colors and fonts that go well together.

6. Fully Customizable Template: You can personalize your carousel template to reflect your branding and maintain a consistent visual identity across your social media platforms.

7. Save & Load Custom Presets: Once you design a carousel, you can save it as a template or preset for future use. This feature allows you to streamline the creation process and save valuable time.

8. Designed for Multiple Platforms: enables you to create carousels specifically designed for LinkedIn, Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, and TikTok. This broadens your social media presence and allows you to reach a wider audience.

9. Versatile, High-Quality Export: The website allows you to export your carousels in high-resolution PDF or JPG sequence formats, depending on the platform where you intend to post them.

10. Trusted and Founded in Sweden: is a trusted platform that was founded in Sweden. This adds a level of trust and reliability to the website and its services.

11. No Sign-Up Required: You can start using the carousel maker and generator without the need for any sign-up or registration. This allows for quick and hassle-free access to the tool.

12. Positive Reviews: The website has received positive reviews from users who have found the tool to be amazing, useful, and time-saving. Users have reported improved online presence and impressive results with their carousels.

13. Affiliate Program: offers an affiliate program, allowing users to earn rewards or commissions by referring others to the platform. This can be beneficial if you enjoy the tool and want to share it with others.

14. Free Tools: In addition to the carousel maker, the website provides other free tools that can be useful for social media content creation. These include a LinkedIn Summary Generator, LinkedIn Headline Generator, Instagram Caption Generator, and more.

15. Blog: The website features a blog where you can find helpful articles and resources related to carousel creation, social media marketing, and design tips. This can be a valuable source of information for improving your carousel-making skills.

16. Privacy Policy: Before using the website and creating carousels, you are required to agree to the privacy policy. This ensures that your privacy and data protection are taken into consideration.

17. Ease of Use: The website is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate and use the carousel maker and generator. The intuitive layout and clear instructions ensure a smooth user experience.

18. Templates and Presets: offers a variety of pre-designed templates and presets that you can choose from. These templates serve as a starting point and can be customized to suit your specific needs. It's a convenient feature that saves time and helps you achieve a professional look quickly.

19. Content Customization: Along with the visual elements of the carousel, you can also customize the content within each slide. The AI writing assistant helps you generate engaging content, but you can further edit and modify it according to your preferences.

20. Mobile-Friendly: The carousel maker and generator on are optimized for mobile devices. You can access and use the tool seamlessly on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to create and edit carousels on the go.

21. Support for Multiple Images and Videos: supports both images and videos, giving you the flexibility to create dynamic and interactive carousels. You can include multiple images or videos within a single carousel, allowing for a richer storytelling experience.

22. Collaboration and Sharing: The website enables you to collaborate and share your carousel projects with others. This is particularly useful if you're working on a team or seeking feedback from clients or colleagues. You can easily share a link to your carousel for review and collaboration purposes.

23. Educational Resources: In addition to the blog mentioned earlier, provides educational resources such as tutorials, guides, and tips to help you improve your carousel-making skills. These resources can enhance your understanding of carousel design principles and best practices.

24. Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions while using, the website offers customer support. You can reach out to their support team for assistance or clarification regarding the tool's features and functionality.

25. Continuous Improvement: The team behind is dedicated to continuously improving the platform based on user feedback and needs. They strive to enhance the tool's capabilities and introduce new features to ensure it remains a valuable resource for creating engaging social media carousels.

Overall, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for creating visually appealing carousels for various social media platforms. It caters to both designers and non-designers, providing AI assistance, customization options, and a range of features to enhance your online presence. The positive reviews and additional free tools available on the website further contribute to its value as a resource for social media content creation.

Published on Nov. 26, 2023