Monitor and secure your REST API with ease.

What is Apitally?

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Apitally is a user-friendly platform designed to help engineering teams monitor and secure their REST APIs effortlessly. It serves as a companion for busy engineering teams working with Python or Node.js. With the platform, teams can easily keep track of API requests, errors, and response times, ensuring the smooth operation of their APIs.

Apitally also offers API uptime monitoring, allowing teams to monitor the availability and uptime of their APIs. Immediate alerts are triggered in case of any problems, ensuring that issues are promptly addressed.

The platform provides API key management capabilities, enabling teams to secure their endpoints with API key authentication. Users can manage API keys, scopes, and permissions through the intuitive dashboard. Key usage can be tracked, and API keys can be expired or rotated without causing any disruptions.

Integrating Apitally with new or existing API projects is super easy and requires just a few lines of code. The platform offers a detailed setup guide to assist users in the integration process.

Published on Nov. 24, 2023