The world's most powerful screenshot builder to create the most compelling screenshots for your app.

What is AppMockUp?

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AppMockUp Studio is the world's most powerful screenshot builder designed to create compelling screenshots for all types of mobile apps. Trusted by mobile developers, this online design tool allows users to enhance their app visuals for the App Store and Play Store. With AppMockUp Studio, no account is required, and it offers fast and free access to its features. Users can bring their app screenshots to life quickly using a variety of templates tailored to different app types.

The tool enables users to customize device frames, layouts, gradients, titles, and subtitles with just a click of a button. Users can preview how their screenshots will appear on the App Store and Play Store for various devices, including Dark Mode. They can choose from real devices, solid color or clay frames, and have the flexibility to resize, rotate, and position devices within the screenshots.

AppMockUp Studio provides a wide range of layout templates to unleash creativity, and users can seamlessly connect screenshots with panoramic images for a stunning effect. The tool also offers options to update titles, subtitles, fonts, add icons or logos, and customize backgrounds with solid colors, gradients, images, or panoramics. AppMockUp Studio continually adds new features to enhance the screenshot-building experience.

Published on Oct. 21, 2023