Automate your browser by connecting blocks.

What is Automa?

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Automa is a browser extension designed for browser automation. It allows users to automate various tasks in their web browser, such as auto-filling forms, performing repetitive actions, taking screenshots, and scraping data from websites. With the tool, users have the flexibility to decide what they want to do with the extension and customize their automation workflows.

The extension offers features like scraping data and exporting it as JSON or CSV, inserting data into Google Sheets, recording actions to create workflows, viewing the history of executed workflows, and running multiple workflows automatically in sequence. Automa provides a collection of blocks that users can connect to build their automation processes. Users can also set triggers for their workflows, such as running them daily or when visiting specific websites.

Additionally, the platform offers a marketplace where users can explore and customize workflows shared by other Automa users. The extension is supported in Chrome and provides documentation, tutorials, a blog, community support, and a GitHub repository.

Published on Jan. 8, 2024