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What is BRAIV?

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BRAIV is a revolutionary video marketing platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to break the barriers of engagement and language. It offers a range of features designed to enhance your video content and reach a global audience effectively.

1. AI-Powered Video Marketing: BRAIV is the world's first AI-powered video marketing platform. It leverages AI technology to analyze your video content, provide customizations, and deliver an engaging experience to your viewers.

2. Customizable Player: With BRAIV, you can customize the video player and user interface to match your brand's look and feel. This allows you to create a cohesive and branded experience for your audience.

3. Modern Captions: BRAIV offers modern, karaoke-style captions that increase viewer engagement and information retention. You can customize and style AI-generated captions to align with your brand and keep your viewers engaged until the end.

4. Caption Translations: Overcoming language barriers is made easy with BRAIV. It natively supports caption translations, allowing you to provide multilingual captions for your videos. This ensures that your content can reach a global audience effortlessly.

5. AI Voice Dubbing: BRAIV's AI-powered platform also offers voice dubbing capabilities. It can automatically dub your videos in different languages, eliminating the need to create multiple versions of your content. This simplifies the process and saves you time and effort.

6. Integrated AI Assistant: BRAIV integrates an AI assistant that is trained on your video content. The AI assistant can provide answers to viewer questions in real-time, enhancing the viewer experience and delivering information in the language of their choice.

7. Seamless Social Sharing: BRAIV Share allows you to easily share your captioned and dubbed videos on various social media platforms. With deep API integrations, you can distribute your videos, deploy captions, and manage foreign language versions with just a single click.

8. Analytics and Insights: BRAIV Insights provides aggregated analytics and deep insights into how your videos are performing. By connecting your social media accounts, you can access comprehensive viewing analytics and AI-suggested next steps to enhance your marketing efforts.

9. Collaboration for Teams: BRAIV supports role-based access, making it ideal for teams of all sizes. You can collaborate, build design templates, create playlists, and work together efficiently within the platform.

10. Integrations: BRAIV seamlessly integrates with popular website builders and platforms such as WordPress, Webflow, and Wix. It also supports enterprise-grade APIs and webhooks, allowing easy integration with your existing CRM or data platforms.

BRAIV offers different pricing tiers to cater to various needs, from individuals wanting to add videos to their sites to agencies and organizations with advanced video requirements. You can start with a free tier, and there are options for customization, branding, translations, dubbing, and more based on your chosen plan.

BRAIV is dedicated to making video content accessible and maximizing its impact through AI-powered technology. It provides a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and valuable insights to help you deliver engaging and impactful video experiences to your audience.

Published on Nov. 26, 2023