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What is Excompt?

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Excompt is a website that offers a powerful tool for exporting UI components from any webpage into a tailwind CSS styled component. It provides a range of features to simplify the integration of UI components into your web development projects.

1. Export Web UI to Tailwind CSS Code: With Excompt, you can export web UI components to Tailwind CSS code. It supports saving the code as HTML, React, and Vue components, making it compatible with different web development frameworks. You can even preview the class names online before exporting.

2. Design Good Looking UI: Excompt helps you export UI components and gain more inspiration for designing visually appealing user interfaces. By exporting and analyzing well-designed components from different webpages, you can incorporate good design elements into your own projects.

3. Simplified Integration: The website provides a convenient browser extension that streamlines the process of exporting UI components. Once you install the Excompt extension, you can simply select any component on a webpage and use Excompt to export it as a styled component.

4. Tailwind CSS Styling: Excompt automatically generates styled components using the popular tailwind CSS framework. This ensures that your exported components follow best practices for responsive design and makes it easier to maintain and update your code.

5. Support for Flexible Output Formats: Whether you're working with HTML, React, or Vue, Excompt has you covered. It supports flexible output formats, allowing you to export components in the format that is most suitable for your web development project.

6. Web Dashboard: Excompt offers a user-friendly web dashboard where you can save and organize your exported components. You can create collections, add tags, and access your components from anywhere, making it easy to manage and reuse your exported code.

7. Pricing Options: Excompt offers different pricing options to suit your needs. They have a Lite plan that is free to use, requiring no credit card. The Pro plan, available at $16 per month, offers unlimited component export, code management, multiple output formats, and email support. For custom needs or team requirements, you can contact them for the Team Pro plan.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): The website provides a section with frequently asked questions about Excompt. It answers questions about what Excompt is, how it works, its key features, compatibility with different web development frameworks, the availability of a web dashboard, and the benefits it offers to your web development workflow.

Excompt is a valuable tool for web developers that simplifies the process of exporting UI components and promotes good design practices. By using Excompt, you can save time, reuse code, and enhance the visual appeal of your web projects.

Published on Nov. 26, 2023