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What is

Try is a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals and business owners worldwide to create fully automated AI chatbots without any coding knowledge.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, enables you to build chatbots that provide fast answers about your business, assist customers, and enhance productivity.


  1. Import Data: Easily add various types of data, including websites, DOCX, TXT, PDF, CSV files, and YouTube videos, securely into your chatbot.
  2. Customizable Bot: Tailor your chatbot's welcome message, chat icon, and color scheme to align with your brand and specific needs.
  3. Multi-Lingual Support: supports approximately 95 languages, allowing users to chat and import data in their preferred language.
  4. Chat History: Access and review every conversation that takes place within your chatbots, ensuring easy monitoring and analysis.
  5. Bot Personas: Customize the bot prompt to modify the character and purpose of your chatbot based on your unique requirements.
  6. Privacy & Security: ensures the security and peace of mind of its users by utilizing military-grade encryption on all uploaded data.
  7. No Code Platform: Simply copy and paste the provided code to embed the chatbot on your desired platform without the need for coding expertise.
  8. Control Access: Choose to share your chatbot publicly by embedding it or keep it for private use within your FastBots account.
  9. Integration with Favorite Apps: Install chatbots on your website and connect them to over 5000+ apps through Zapier integration.

Use Cases:

  • Customer Service: Create an AI chatbot that serves as a 24/7 customer support agent, providing prompt and accurate responses to customer inquiries.
  • Sales Assistant: Utilize to transform your chatbot into a skilled salesperson, engaging with customers, answering questions, and assisting in the sales process.
  • Personal Assistant: Benefit from your custom-trained chatbot by asking questions and quickly finding answers within your uploaded data, generating content, and aiding in various tasks.
  • Onboarding & Training: chatbots are ideal for onboarding and training new employees, offering a consistent, friendly, and efficient experience that reduces training time and resources.
Published on Jun. 16, 2024