ChatGPT for meetings.

What is

Visit Site is a platform that aims to enhance meetings and productivity through the use of AI-powered tools. Their AskFred - ChatGPT for Meetings app is designed to provide users with a conversational AI assistant that can answer questions, generate content, and automate actions based on meeting transcripts.

With AskFred, users can ask any question related to their meetings and receive AI-generated answers. This feature allows for quick access to information and eliminates the need for manual searching or waiting for responses. It can be particularly useful for clarifying meeting details, retrieving specific information, or gaining insights from past discussions. offers a range of apps and features that complement the AskFred functionality. These include the ability to generate customized meeting notes, craft emails or blog content, and create highlight reels or soundbites from important moments in meetings. Users can select specific sections of the transcript and let automatically generate the desired content, saving time and effort in post-meeting tasks.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024