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What is HouseCanary?

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HouseCanary provides AI-powered solutions designed to assist in buying, selling, and financing homes. Its valuations are considered the gold standard in the industry, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

1. Valuation Solutions: HouseCanary offers a range of solutions tailored to different sectors within the real estate industry, including mortgage lenders, real estate investors, and capital markets.

2. Mortgage Lenders: HouseCanary's platform helps mortgage lenders attract and engage customers by providing a compelling real estate platform. It offers solutions to increase relevant touchpoints, gain customer insights, and improve the pull-through rate for loan closings.

3. Real Estate Investors: HouseCanary enables real estate investors to unlock new opportunities by leveraging institutional-grade data and tools. It helps investors increase confidence with trusted data, streamline property acquisitions and sales, and maximize risk-adjusted returns.

4. Capital Markets: HouseCanary provides solutions for capital markets, allowing users to act on high-confidence valuations, underwrite more efficiently, and stay ahead of changing markets. It empowers teams to make informed decisions and maximize portfolio returns.

5. Innovative Technology: HouseCanary's powerful technologies incorporate artificial intelligence and image recognition to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of real estate information. Its innovative approach ensures accurate and valuable data analysis.

6. Brokerage Services: As a valuation-focused real estate brokerage, HouseCanary offers comprehensive coverage of millions of residential properties. Its brokerage services help clients identify and transact on properties quickly and wisely.

7. Real Estate Intelligence: HouseCanary trains its valuation models with decades of in-depth data, making it the gold standard in real estate intelligence. Its valuation products serve the entire real estate ecosystem, providing highly accurate and reliable information.

8. Price Match Guarantee: HouseCanary offers a price match guarantee for like/identical products. If you find a competitive price, HouseCanary will match it, ensuring that you always get the best deal.

HouseCanary is dedicated to improving and accelerating residential real estate operations through groundbreaking technologies. Whether you're a mortgage lender, real estate investor, or part of the capital markets, HouseCanary's platform and services can support your needs and help you achieve success in the real estate industry.

Published on Jan. 1, 2024