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What is IntuAnalytics?

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Intuanalytics is a data analytics platform that offers subscription-based services. It provides intuitive data analytics solutions to help businesses organize, visualize, analyze, and automate their data. With Intuanalytics, users can subscribe on a monthly basis and request tasks through their own Trello board.

The platform focuses on minimizing ineffective meetings and encourages collaboration by allowing teams to submit requests and track their progress. It offers data visualization, analysis, and automation features to help businesses identify insights, make informed decisions, and save time.

The tool also emphasizes simplicity and effectiveness in collaboration, allowing users to manage tasks, prioritize them, and pause or cancel the subscription at any time. With versatile solutions and membership benefits, Intuanalytics aims to deliver high-quality assistance, dashboards, and insights tailored to each business's needs.

Published on Jan. 14, 2024