Iteration X

Iterate and collaborate directly on your live product.

What is Iteration X?

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Iteration X is a powerful platform designed to streamline the process of collecting feedback and reporting bugs for software development teams. It offers a range of features that enable contextual collaboration, allowing teams to capture and view issues directly on their user interfaces (UIs). By providing valuable context along with bug reports, Iteration X saves precious time for teams, eliminating the need for lengthy email chains, out-of-context screenshots, and endless meetings.

With Iteration X, capturing bugs and issues is as simple as a single click. The platform provides powerful capture tools that allow users to annotate live websites, record videos, and capture screenshots on both desktop and mobile devices. By capturing all the necessary technical information, including automatic screenshots with highlights, viewport data, browser details, and more, teams can quickly and effectively communicate issues to their collaborators.

Iteration X offers comprehensive project management capabilities, making it an ideal collaboration tool for web agencies and lean teams. Users can manage and track all their issues in one centralized place, set priorities and assign issues to team members, mark issues as resolved, and engage in discussions and @mentions. The platform also supports file attachments, enabling teams to share videos, images, and other relevant files to provide additional context.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024