Kaspersky Password Check

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What is Kaspersky Password Check?

Try Kaspersky Password Check

Kaspersky Password Check is a tool that assesses the strength and security of your password. It helps you determine if your password is vulnerable to brute-force attacks or if it has been compromised in any leaked password databases.

By providing this information, Kaspersky Password Check empowers you to make informed decisions about your password security.


  1. Password Strength Check: Kaspersky Password Check evaluates the strength of your password and identifies if it is easily crackable.
  2. Leaked Password Database Check: The tool checks if your password has been found in any known leaked password databases using the reputable service, Have I Been Pwned.
  3. Educational Resources: Kaspersky Password Check provides resources and tips on creating strong and secure passwords.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Password Security: Use Kaspersky Password Check to assess the strength of your passwords for your personal accounts, such as email, social media, and online banking.
  • Work and Business Accounts: Ensure the security of your work-related accounts and sensitive information by checking the strength of your passwords.
  • Password Management: Kaspersky Password Check can be used as a starting point to identify weak passwords and prompt you to update them in password management tools or services.
Published on Jun. 3, 2024