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What is Konsta UI?

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Konsta UI is a website that showcases mobile UI components built with Tailwind CSS. It provides a collection of pixel-perfect UI components designed for mobile applications, with themes inspired by iOS and Material Design. The components are available for popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, and Svelte, making it easy for developers to integrate them into their projects.

Konsta UI is an excellent choice for developers working with "parent" frameworks like Ionic or Framework7, as it offers seamless integration for inner pages/views UIs. Additionally, Konsta UI can be used with frameworks like Capacitor and Cordova to create native mobile apps with a native look and feel.

The website also highlights other projects such as Framework7, Swiper, and Atropos, which further expand the range of tools available for mobile app development. By supporting Konsta UI on Open Collective or Patreon, you can contribute to its ongoing development and improvement.

Published on Nov. 1, 2023