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What is Let's Foodie?

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Let's Foodie is an online platform that offers an AI-powered recipe generator. It allows users to enter a list of ingredients, and the AI chef will generate a tailor-made recipe based on the ingredients provided.


  1. AI Recipe Generator: The platform uses artificial intelligence to generate customized recipes based on the ingredients entered by the user.
  2. Ingredient Flexibility: Users can enter a list of ingredients with or without quantities, providing flexibility in recipe searches.
  3. Recipe Sharing: Users can easily share the generated recipes on various social media platforms or via email.
  4. Disclaimer: The website emphasizes that the generated recipes are AI-generated and have not been tested in the real world, advising users to exercise common sense when cooking.

Use Cases:

  • Meal Inspiration: Let's Foodie is useful for individuals who are unsure of what to cook for a meal. By inputting available ingredients, the AI recipe generator provides tailored recipe suggestions.
  • Cooking with Limited Ingredients: The platform is helpful for users who have limited ingredients in their pantry and need creative ideas for making a delicious meal.
  • Recipe Sharing: Users can share interesting and unique recipes generated by the AI chef with friends, family, or fellow cooking enthusiasts.
Published on Jan. 26, 2024