Convert any speech to clear & structured text.

What is Letterly?

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Letterly App is a speech-to-text application that allows users to convert spoken words into clear and structured text. With Letterly, users can say goodbye to the hassle of typing and effortlessly capture their thoughts, notes, and ideas using their voice.

The app offers several useful features to enhance productivity and communication. Users can record their own voice or someone else's, and Letterly applies AI enhancements to craft well-crafted text from the recorded speech. This feature is not limited to simple transcription but also includes structuring the text for better readability and comprehension.

Letterly can be used in various scenarios. Users can capture notes even when it's inconvenient to type, extract key takeaways from meetings or speeches, generate compelling content for social media posts, send clear emails three times faster than typing, create structured to-do lists, transform spoken thoughts into well-structured articles, and never let a great idea slip away by capturing it with its details.

The app offers additional features such as the ability to type if speaking is not possible, easy sharing of text via messaging apps and email, unlimited storage for notes, dark and light modes for visual preferences, and future features like personalizing writing styles and language translation.

Published on Jan. 11, 2024