Tools for maths teachers.

What is

Visit Site is a comprehensive website that provides a wide range of tools and resources specifically designed for mathematics teachers. It offers a collection of tools and resources to support teaching and learning in mathematics classrooms.


  1. Membership: Become a member to enjoy ad-free access to all the resources on the site.
  2. CPD: Access professional development resources for mathematics teachers.
  3. Curriculum: Explore resources aligned with the mathematics curriculum.
  4. Do Nows!: Find ready-to-use warm-up activities for your math classes.
  5. GCSE: Access resources specifically tailored for GCSE mathematics.
  6. Manipulatives: Utilize virtual manipulatives for interactive math instruction.
  7. Primary: Discover resources for teaching mathematics in primary schools.
  8. Printables: Access printable worksheets for various math topics.
  9. Puzzles: Engage students with math puzzles and brain teasers.
  10. Question Generators: Generate differentiated math questions for your students.
  11. Starters: Find quick starter activities to initiate math lessons.
  12. Tables: Explore tables for various mathematical concepts.
  13. Tasks: Access math tasks and activities for students.
  14. Tools: Utilize various math tools, such as calculators and visual aids.
  15. Variation Grids: Explore variation grids to support mathematical thinking.

Use Cases:

  • Planning and delivering math lessons in classrooms.
  • Creating engaging warm-up activities and starters.
  • Generating differentiated math questions for students.
  • Exploring virtual manipulatives for interactive math instruction.
  • Assessing student learning through tasks and activities.
  • Supporting professional development of mathematics teachers.

How to use it?

  1. Visit
  2. Explore the different sections and resources available.
  3. Select the desired tool or resource based on your teaching needs.
  4. Utilize the tools, download resources, or generate questions as required.
  5. Incorporate the resources into your math lessons and activities.
  6. Join as a member for ad-free access to all resources.

In Summary is a valuable website offering a wide range of tools and resources for mathematics teachers. Whether you need warm-up activities, question generators, manipulatives, or printable worksheets, has you covered.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive collection of resources, it is a go-to platform for math educators seeking to enhance their teaching and engage students in meaningful math learning experiences.

Published on Feb. 3, 2024