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What is Myriad: AI Prompt Generator?

Try Myriad: AI Prompt Generator

Myriad is an AI Writing Prompt Generator offered by NamePepper as a free tool. It is designed to unlock the power of ChatGPT, an AI language model, for creating high-quality content for businesses and marketing purposes. With Myriad, users can mix and match rules to customize prompts that suit their specific needs.

The tool provides three main functionalities: Write, Rewrite, and Analyze. In the "Write" mode, users can easily create content for various use cases by selecting a writing style and tone of voice. They can also generate click-worthy titles and incorporate SEO keywords to optimize their content for search engines. Additionally, users can instruct the AI to write for specific marketing goals.

In the "Rewrite" mode, users have the option to refresh old content or polish their own writing. They can utilize rules to make the content more conversational, mimic a particular writing style, or add a call to action.

The "Analyze" feature allows users to gain insights into their competitors' content or scale their existing content by maintaining a consistent brand voice. The detailed analysis provided by Myriad offers a blueprint that users can apply to their writing or rewriting tasks.

Myriad is designed to be scalable, allowing users to create prompts that are tailored to their content requirements. It is built specifically for ChatGPT but is also compatible with other AI models such as Bard, Copilot, Claude, and Llama.

Published on Jan. 13, 2024