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What is Orba?

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Orba AI offers an all-in-one platform to improve visitor conversion rates. With features like a website chatbot, visitor engagement tracking, and company enrichment data, Orba AI helps businesses personalize their website chat experience, identify high-intent visitors, and gather valuable insights to close more deals.

1. Website Chatbot: Orba AI acts as an AI-powered sales development representative (SDR) for your website. It integrates with your existing messaging documents and CRM data to provide personalized chat experiences. The chatbot asks discovery questions and focuses on delivering value to website visitors.

2. Visitor Engagement Tracking: Orba allows you to monitor and track which accounts are engaging with your website. You can view their company profile and identify when they are showing high levels of interest. This feature helps you prioritize leads and understand which visitors are more likely to convert into customers.

3. Company Enrichment Data: By utilizing company enrichment data, Orba provides valuable insights about the companies visiting your website. You can gather information about their industry, size, and other relevant details. This data helps you tailor your sales and marketing strategies to specific companies and industries.

4. Slack Integration: When a human sales representative is needed, Orba AI can alert your team in Slack. This ensures that your sales team is notified when a high-potential lead requires their attention, allowing for timely and effective follow-ups.

5. Conversation Summaries in CRM: Orba stores summaries of your website conversations in your CRM system. This enables your sales development representatives (SDRs) to be well-prepared before customer meetings. They can review past interactions and have more productive conversations, leading to increased chances of closing deals.

6. Blog: The website features a blog section that covers industry trends, product announcements, and helpful guides related to AI marketing chatbots, conversational marketing, demand generation, and more. These articles provide valuable insights and tips for marketers and sales professionals.

Overall, Orba AI offers an all-in-one platform that combines website chatbot capabilities, visitor engagement tracking, and company enrichment data. By leveraging these features, businesses can personalize their website chat experience, identify high-value leads, gather key insights, and improve their conversion rates.

Published on Nov. 27, 2023