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What is Plus AI?

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Plus AI is a website that offers a free AI presentation maker specifically designed for Google Slides. It provides a range of features to help you create professional presentations more efficiently.

1. Prompt to Presentation: Plus AI can generate entire presentations from a prompt. You simply provide a topic or idea, and it will automatically create a presentation for you.

2. Convert Text to Slides: With Plus AI, you can easily convert text from documents, blog posts, articles, or PDFs into presentation slides. Just copy and paste the text, and it will transform it into a visually appealing slide format.

3. AI in Any Language: Plus AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to create presentations in your preferred language.

4. Professional Slide Layouts: The website offers a variety of professional slide layouts that are suitable for business presentations. These layouts are designed to help you create visually appealing and engaging slides.

5. Transform Your Slides: Plus AI allows you to transform your slides by adding, remixing, and rewriting content. You can customize your slides to fine-tune your presentation and make it more effective.

6. Design with AI: The website provides AI-powered design assistance, helping you create visually appealing slides. It can suggest custom themes, fonts, and colors that match your brand or provide design recommendations.

7. Live Snapshots: Plus AI offers live snapshots, which provide tips and suggestions on each slide to help you choose images or expand on a point. This feature assists you in creating more engaging and impactful presentations.

8. Free Google Slides Templates: The website offers a collection of free Google Slides templates that you can use as a starting point for your presentations. These templates provide pre-designed layouts and styles to save you time and effort.

9. Pricing: Plus AI offers free access to its AI presentation maker. However, premium plans are available, which unlock additional features such as more slide layouts, AI editing tools, and custom themes.

10. Help Center: The website provides a comprehensive help center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and access resources to assist you in using Plus AI effectively.

Published on Dec. 4, 2023