AI Enabled User Experience Insights and Conversion Platform.

What is riyo.ai?

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Riyo.ai offers an AI toolkit designed to understand, analyze, and convert website visitors into paying customers. Their platform aims to enhance digital customer experiences, increase visitor engagement, and drive growth through lead generation.

Riyo.ai provides various tools and features to achieve these goals. Users can gain insights and enhance their strategies through features like heatmaps, which visualize user interactions and optimize engagement. Session recordings allow users to understand visitor behavior and uncover improvement opportunities. A dashboard with reports provides access to essential metrics for making data-driven decisions.

Real-time engagement is facilitated through customizable forms, live chat for instant support, and AI-powered personalized customer assistance. Riyo.ai also helps streamline the sales process by offering website visitor tracking to monitor visitors and identify anonymous visitors, providing company details for targeted outreach.

Published on Jan. 13, 2024