The world's most powerful text AI, built into your keyboard.

What is Rizz?

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Rizz! Keyboard is an innovative keyboard application that integrates the power of the world's most advanced text AI directly into your device's keyboard. With Rizz! Keyboard, you'll have access to a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance your typing experience and improve productivity.

1. Text AI Assistance: Rizz! Keyboard is powered by a robust text AI that assists you while typing. It provides smart suggestions, autocorrect, and predictive text to help you compose messages, emails, and documents more efficiently.

2. Contextual Suggestions: The AI-powered keyboard understands the context of your conversation and provides relevant suggestions based on your typing patterns. It learns from your writing style and adapts to your preferences over time, making the suggestions more accurate and personalized.

3. Language Support: Rizz! Keyboard supports multiple languages, allowing you to communicate effectively in your preferred language. It offers accurate predictions and autocorrect features for various languages, making it versatile and suitable for multilingual users.

4. Smart Autocorrect: The keyboard's intelligent autocorrect feature automatically corrects spelling errors and typos as you type. It helps you avoid embarrassing mistakes and ensures that your messages and documents are error-free.

5. Quick Access Toolbar: Rizz! Keyboard includes a convenient quick access toolbar that provides easy access to commonly used functions and shortcuts. You can customize the toolbar with your preferred tools, such as emoji, GIFs, clipboard, and more, making it easier to express yourself and save time.

6. Personalization Options: The keyboard allows you to personalize your typing experience according to your preferences. You can customize the keyboard layout, choose from various themes and color schemes, and adjust settings like key vibration, sound, and auto-capitalization.

7. Advanced Word Prediction: Rizz! Keyboard's powerful text AI predicts your next words accurately, saving you time and effort. It suggests complete phrases and sentences based on the context, enabling faster typing and reducing the need for manual input.

8. Smart Cursor Control: The keyboard offers intuitive cursor control features, making it easier to edit and navigate through your text. You can use gestures or dedicated keys to move the cursor, select text, and perform editing actions with precision.

9. Seamless Integration: Rizz! Keyboard seamlessly integrates with your device's native keyboard, allowing you to use it in any app or text input field. It doesn't require any additional installations or complex setups.

10. Privacy and Security: Rizz! Keyboard prioritizes the privacy and security of your data. It operates locally on your device, ensuring that your sensitive information remains private and protected.

In summary, Rizz! Keyboard is a powerful text AI integrated into a keyboard application. With its intelligent suggestions, autocorrect, contextual predictions, and customization options, it makes typing faster, more accurate, and personalized. The keyboard is designed to enhance your productivity and deliver a seamless typing experience across various applications and languages.

Published on Jan. 1, 2024