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What is Scamalytics?

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Scamalytics is a security provider that offers products to help businesses detect and prevent fraud. Their solutions are designed to identify high-risk connections and users, providing protection against various types of scams and fraudulent activities.


  1. IP Address Fraud Check: Scamalytics offers an IP address fraud check, which includes a fraud risk score for each IP address. This feature helps businesses assess the risk associated with specific IP addresses and can be accessed through an API.
  2. Dating Scammer Detection: Scamalytics provides automated tools to block romance scammers on dating platforms. Their detection system analyzes profile text, images, messages, IP addresses, and user agents to identify and prevent romance fraud.
  3. Machine Learning and Blacklists: Scamalytics employs machine learning algorithms and shared blacklists to identify high-risk users across multiple data points. This feature is particularly effective for dating services and social networks in combating dating scammers.
  4. Media Recognition: Scamalytics has been featured in various media outlets and is often sought after for expert commentary on fraud prevention and romance scams.

Use Cases:

  • Businesses in Banking and Payments: Companies in the banking and payment sectors can utilize Scamalytics' IP address fraud check to identify and block fraudulent activities, protecting their revenues and ensuring secure transactions.
  • Classifieds and Reviews Platforms: Online platforms that host classified advertisements or user reviews can benefit from Scamalytics' solutions to detect and prevent scams, ensuring a trustworthy environment for their users.
  • Dating Services and Social Networks: Scamalytics' dating scammer detection tools are specifically designed for dating services and social networks. These platforms can use Scamalytics' features to identify and block romance scammers, enhancing user safety and trust.
  • Media Outlets and Journalists: Media outlets and journalists can rely on Scamalytics for expert insights and commentary on fraud-related topics, helping them provide accurate and informative content to their audience.
Published on Jan. 29, 2024