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What is Skelementor?

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Skelementor is a comprehensive and free component library designed specifically for Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder. It offers a vast collection of pre-designed components that can be easily integrated into your website projects, saving you time and effort in designing from scratch.


  1. Extensive Collection: Skelementor provides a wide range of components, including Hero sections, Headers, Navbars, Footers, Features, CTAs, FAQs, Contact sections, Team sections, Testimonials, Popups, and Logos.
  2. Variant Options: Each component category comes with multiple variants, allowing you to choose the design that best fits your website's style and requirements.
  3. Ready-to-Use: The components are designed to be immediately usable, eliminating the need for extensive customization or coding.
  4. Perfect Integration: Skelementor seamlessly integrates with Elementor, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience while building your website.
  5. Flexbox Container Support: To utilize the components effectively, you need to enable the flexbox container feature in your Elementor Pro settings. This ensures optimal layout and alignment of the components.

Use Cases:

  • Website Design: Skelementor is ideal for web designers and developers who want to streamline their workflow and create professional-looking websites quickly.
  • Elementor Users: If you use Elementor as your preferred page builder, Skelementor provides a valuable resource to enhance your design options and speed up your project completion.

How to use it?

  1. Visit the Skelementor website.
  2. Browse through the extensive collection of components available, such as Hero sections, Headers, Navbars, etc.
  3. Select the desired component and variant that suits your website's style and needs.
  4. Download the component and import it into your Elementor page builder.
  5. Customize the component as per your requirements, such as adding content, adjusting settings, and styling.
  6. Integrate the component seamlessly into your website design, saving time and effort in creating the layout from scratch.

In Summary

Skelementor is the ultimate solution for Elementor users seeking a vast library of ready-to-use components for their website development projects. With its extensive collection, variant options, and seamless integration, Skelementor empowers you to build visually appealing websites efficiently, without compromising on quality or design.

Explore Skelementor to enhance your Elementor experience and achieve stunning web designs effortlessly.

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Published on Mar. 17, 2024