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What is VirusTotal?

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VirusTotal is an online platform that provides a comprehensive virus and malware scanning service. It allows users to analyze files and URLs for potential threats by leveraging multiple antivirus engines and other security tools.


  1. Multi-Antivirus Scanning: VirusTotal utilizes a wide range of antivirus engines to scan files and URLs, providing users with a comprehensive analysis of potential threats.
  2. File and URL Analysis: Users can upload files or enter URLs to check for viruses, malware, and other malicious content, ensuring a thorough examination of potential security risks.
  3. Community Contributions: VirusTotal benefits from a vast community of users who contribute to the platform by submitting files and providing information on detected threats, enhancing the collective knowledge and detection capabilities.
  4. Integration with Security Tools: The platform integrates with various security tools, enabling users to enhance their threat detection and incident response capabilities.
  5. API Access: Developers can access VirusTotal's APIs, allowing them to incorporate the platform's scanning capabilities into their own applications and workflows.
Published on Jun. 9, 2024