Open-source form framework for Vue.

What is Vueform?

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Vueform is an open-source form framework designed specifically for Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It simplifies the process of form development by providing a comprehensive set of features and tools.

1. Builder: Vueform offers a drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to create forms quickly and easily. You can build forms at a rapid pace or integrate them into your projects to enable users to create dynamic forms without any technical knowledge.

2. Advanced Elements: With Vueform, you have access to a wide range of form elements out of the box. Whether you need file uploads, date pickers, tagging, or sliders, Vueform has got you covered. You no longer need to search for elements on GitHub and struggle to make them work.

3. Nested Elements: Vueform simplifies working with nested data structures in forms. It provides elements that can handle infinite nesting, making it easy to handle even the most complex use cases.

4. Database Support: Vueform allows you to convert forms to JSON and JSON to forms. This means you can store everything, including elements, validation rules, and steps, as a JSON string. This enables rendering dynamic forms and storing complex forms in databases. You can even create your own form builder tool using Vueform.

5. Easy Validation: Vueform comes with over 50 built-in validation rules that are ready to use. You can easily validate form inputs using these rules. Additionally, you can create custom validation rules to suit your specific requirements.

6. Conditions: Vueform simplifies conditional rendering in forms. You can easily create conditions based on form data to control the visibility and behavior of form elements. This allows you to create dynamic and interactive forms with ease.

7. Form Wizard: Long forms can be overwhelming for users. Vueform allows you to break forms into steps, making it more user-friendly. This helps users have a more convenient experience when filling out forms.

8. I18n Support: Vueform supports internationalization (i18n) and is available in 19 languages. It provides translatable input fields that can have multiple outputs in different languages. This is particularly useful for websites operating in multiple languages.

9. Integration: Vueform seamlessly integrates with popular frameworks such as Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, and Material. It also provides setup guides for Vite, Nuxt, and Laravel, making it easy to integrate Vueform into any existing design system.

10. Case Studies: The Vueform website features case studies that showcase how clients have leveraged the power of Vueform in their projects. These real-world examples demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of Vueform in various industries.

In summary, Vueform is a powerful open-source form framework for Vue.js that simplifies form development, offers a variety of advanced features, and provides a seamless integration experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, Vueform can help you build dynamic and interactive forms with ease.

Published on Dec. 6, 2023