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What is WD Loop?

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WD Loop is a subscription-based service that offers an Unlimited Web Design & Development Subscription service. They provide web design and development solutions using platforms like Webflow, Framer, WordPress, and Bootstrap. Users can subscribe to their plans and start requesting as many designs as they need.

The service emphasizes quick turnaround times, with designs typically delivered within a few business days. They offer unlimited revisions to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate the need for paid revisions. WD Loop aims to replace unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies by offering their services for a flat monthly fee.

The website highlights the benefits of using WD Loop, such as their asynchronous process that eliminates the need for meetings. Users can manage their projects using popular platforms like Trello, Slack, or Notion. They also have the option to invite multiple team members to participate in the request submission and tracking process.

Membership benefits include a dedicated project board, fast delivery of completed websites, a fixed monthly rate, high-quality service, and flexibility to scale up or down as needed. The website mentions that all websites are crafted specifically for each user and are 100% owned by them.

WD Loop covers various web design and development needs, including web apps, dashboard design, wireframes, prototyping, and specific development frameworks. Additional services like web hosting, website maintenance, SEO, and marketing may be available with additional fees or subscriptions.

Published on Jan. 13, 2024