Advance your career through personal recommendations.

What is

Visit Site is a platform designed to help individuals advance their careers and connect with great people to work with. It offers a curated talent base that is considered 10 times more valuable than LinkedIn. The platform provides features and tools to make meaningful recommendations and foster trustworthy connections.

With, users can create a simple profile that includes five recommendations to share and find talent. By limiting the number of recommendations per profile, the platform ensures that each endorsement is thoughtful and meaningful. Users can search for individuals by name, LinkedIn URL, or email address to explore their profiles and connect with them.

The platform emphasizes the importance of personal recommendations and vouched-for talent that may be overlooked by traditional hiring processes. It allows users to share their profiles and recommendations through a single link, making it easy to showcase their skills and expertise to potential employers, recruiters, and hiring managers. offers various use cases to help users make the most of the platform. It can be used to find a job by leveraging recommendations from within one's network, accelerating the hiring process. Users can also tap into their existing employees' profiles to discover great candidates and encourage them to recommend people they have worked with. The platform extends beyond professional networks, allowing users to refer university friends, ex-col

Published on Jan. 13, 2024