BigSpeak AI

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What is BigSpeak AI?

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BigSpeak is a powerful and user-friendly AI-powered software that allows you to convert text into realistic and natural-sounding audio. It utilizes cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to provide high-quality voice generation technology.


  1. Text to Speech: Convert written text into lifelike audio.
  2. Speech to Text: Automatically transcribe voice recordings into text files.
  3. Text to Video: Transform your texts into engaging AI-generated videos.
  4. Voice Cloning: Generate voice from text and clone your own voice for outstanding results.

Use Cases:

  • Choose Language: Select the desired language for text-to-speech or speech-to-text conversion.
  • Choose Gender: Select the preferred gender for the voice.
  • Generate Voice: Input your text and click the "Generate Voice" button to generate the audio.

Pricing Plans

BigSpeak offers two pricing plans for its AI Audio Transcription Free Software:

  • Free Plan
    • 8,000 characters per month for Text-to-Speech
    • 60 minutes per month of AI Audio Transcription
  • Premium Plan ($49 per month):
    • 100,000 characters per month for Text-to-Speech
    • Access to SuperClear Voices (new and improved versions of voices)
    • 180 minutes per month of AI Audio Transcription
    • Advanced Email Support

In Summary

BigSpeak is an innovative and free AI software that revolutionizes the way you interact with text. With its advanced features like text to speech, speech to text, text to video, and voice cloning, you can enhance your productivity, accessibility, and content creation.

Published on Feb. 5, 2024