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What is CopyFrame?

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CopyFrame is a platform specifically designed for professional copywriters to draft and present their copy with ease. It offers a Notion-style writing and wireframing tool that allows copywriters to directly write their copy into simple layouts and share it with clients for review. The goal is to help copywriters visualize, approve, and implement their copy exactly as intended during the writing process. With CopyFrame, copywriters can say goodbye to unprofessional documents and complicated wireframes, and instead focus on creating impactful and effective copy.

One of the key advantages of CopyFrame is its focus on wireframing, which helps protect copy from being implemented in a way that deviates from the original intention. By providing various layouts, from simple email layouts to hero sections, accordions, and pricing blocks, CopyFrame empowers copywriters to create comprehensive wireframes that accurately reflect the copy's vision. This helps minimize feedback rounds and ensures that the final implementation aligns with the copywriter's initial concept.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024