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genei is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance research productivity by providing automatic summarization, keyword extraction, and document management capabilities. It helps users save time and gain insights from their reading materials.


  1. Automatic Summarization: Utilizes AI algorithms to generate concise summaries of research papers, articles, and webpages.
  2. Keyword Extraction: Identifies key concepts and terms within documents, enabling users to quickly find relevant information.
  3. Document Management: Offers a comprehensive file storage system with customizable projects and folders for efficient organization.
  4. Annotation and Notepad: Provides a full notepad and annotation capabilities to jot down notes and insights while reading.
  5. Citation Management: Includes an in-built citation management feature and reference generator for easier academic writing.
  6. Search and Question Answering: Allows users to ask questions, and genei's AI will provide answers based on the content of the documents.

Use Cases:

  • Research and Writing: Enhances research productivity by summarizing and extracting key information from academic papers, articles, and webpages.
  • Content Production: Assists content creators in generating blogs, articles, and reports faster by providing summarized information and relevant keywords.
  • Academic Writing: Supports students and researchers in efficiently managing and analyzing research materials, improving the quality of their work.
  • Professional Writing: Aids professionals in conducting in-depth research and gaining insights for various writing projects, such as reports and proposals.
  • Reading Efficiency: Helps individuals finish their reading lists faster by offering AI-powered summarization and keyword extraction for PDFs and webpages.
Published on Jan. 23, 2024