Revolutionize your note-taking experience and elevate your productivity.

What is

Visit Site is a note-taking app that offers a connected workspace where you can experience smarter and more efficient work. Powered by AI, it revolutionizes your note-taking experience and boosts your productivity.

1. Block Based: provides powerful building blocks that allow you to easily structure your content. You can create your own perfect workflow by organizing your notes with ease.

2. Q&A Capabilities: Tap into the potential of artificial intelligence with's Q&A capabilities. You can get instant answers from various sources, including your own knowledge base. This feature helps you quickly retrieve information and find answers to your questions.

3. Centralized Knowledge Base: With, you can upload research materials, documents, videos, and more to take control of your note-taking. It allows you to gather all your insights in one place, creating a centralized knowledge base.

4. Collaborative Editing (Coming Soon): will soon introduce collaborative editing, enabling you to collaborate with peers, friends, or colleagues in real-time. You can share and co-create notes, enhancing productivity and fostering a more interconnected experience.

5. Ultracapable Writing Assistant: serves as your writing assistant to help you communicate more effectively. It enhances your writing by adapting to your style, rephrasing content, and assisting you in delivering impactful messages.

6. Broad AI Knowledge Base: The AI behind draws from a broad corpus of information, providing comprehensive answers and simplifying research and note-taking. You can leverage the AI's extensive knowledge base and problem-solving capabilities.

In terms of pricing, offers a free plan with limitations. However, they also provide different subscription plans with additional features, which you can explore on their pricing page. The AI has a context limit of 4k tokens for the free plan, but upgrading to a premium plan increases the context limit to 16k tokens. is currently available only on desktop/laptops and does not have mobile support. They accept major credit and debit cards for premium subscriptions, and cancellation is possible at any time. However, refunds are not available at the moment, as is a bootstrapped business funded by the founder's own money.

Trusted by numerous intellectuals and loved by over 100,000 users, is a powerful note-taking app designed to boost productivity and streamline your work.

Published on Jan. 1, 2024