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What is GptGO?

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GptGO - ChatGPT from any tab is a Chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store. It offers convenient access to ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, directly from your browser tab. With GptGO, you can quickly search and interact with ChatGPT without leaving your current tab, enhancing your browsing experience and productivity.

1. Quick Search: GptGO allows you to search anything on ChatGPT instantly. Instead of switching tabs or opening a separate window, you can access ChatGPT directly from your current tab, saving time and effort.

2. Lightweight Popup: The extension provides a lightweight popup interface where you can interact with ChatGPT. This popup is designed to be unobtrusive and not disrupt your browsing experience.

3. New Chat and Search History: With the latest version of GptGO (version 3.0), you can start a new chat session and view your search history directly from the popup. This feature allows you to manage your interactions with ChatGPT more effectively.

4. Support for ChatGPT's API: GptGO now supports ChatGPT's API, expanding its capabilities and providing a seamless integration with the chatbot. This allows for a more comprehensive and interactive experience when using ChatGPT.

5. Improved Speed: The new version of GptGO boasts up to 20% faster search times, ensuring that you get quick responses from ChatGPT. This enhancement further enhances your productivity and efficiency.

6. Stability Fixes: GptGO has addressed previous stability issues, making the extension more reliable and stable during usage. The fixes aim to provide a smoother experience for users.

It is important to note the disclaimer provided by GptGO, stating that the extension should not be used for academic dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, or any illegal activities. Users are responsible for their actions and any consequences that may arise from using the extension unethically or illegally.

In summary, GptGO - ChatGPT from any tab is a Chrome extension that allows you to access ChatGPT conveniently from your browser tab. With its quick search feature, lightweight popup interface, support for ChatGPT's API, improved speed, and stability fixes, GptGO enhances your browsing experience and productivity when interacting with ChatGPT.

Published on Jan. 1, 2024