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Use AI to write your next novel.

What is Holo AI?

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Holo AI is a powerful AI-powered writing tool designed to help you organize your thoughts and create incredible compositions with ease. It is built for writers of all kinds and offers features that allow you to explore your creativity without limitations.


  1. AI-Powered Writing: Utilize the AI technology to generate text and assist you in writing your novel, short stories, fanfiction, and more.
  2. Metadata UI: Customize the AI's output to evoke different fandoms, genres, and authors by using the metadata UI.
  3. Datasets for Every Type of Work: Access a wide range of datasets tailored to different types of writing, providing diverse inspirations and styles.
  4. Affordable Plans: Choose from premium plans starting at $4.99/month with unlimited access available for $7.99/month.
  5. Custom AIs: Train the AI model using your own data to create personalized writing experiences. Feed it with specific authors or genres to fine-tune its output.
  6. Text to Speech: Configure Holo AI to read the generated text out loud with six different AI voices to choose from.
  7. End-to-End Encryption: All stories and generation metadata are client-side encrypted, ensuring the privacy and security of your work.

Use Cases:

  • Writing Projects: Holo AI is ideal for writers working on novels, short stories, fanfiction, or any other written compositions.
  • Creative Exploration: Use the AI-powered tool to experiment with different writing styles, genres, or fandoms.
  • Inspiration and Ideas: Access a variety of datasets to spark creativity and overcome writer's block.
  • Personalized Writing Experience: Train the AI model with your preferred authors or genres to create a writing assistant tailored to your specific style.

How to use it?

  1. Visit the Holo AI website.
  2. Start Writing: Click on the "Write" button to access the writing interface.
  3. Explore AI Assistance: Utilize the AI to generate text and assist you in writing your composition.
  4. Customize Output: Use the metadata UI to fine-tune the AI's output to match specific fandoms, genres, or authors.
  5. Access Additional Features: Configure text-to-speech options and explore premium plans for unlimited access.
  6. Enjoy End-to-End Encryption: Rest assured that your stories and generation metadata are encrypted for privacy.

In Summary

Holo AI is your ultimate writing companion, powered by AI technology to help you craft your next novel or any written composition. With its customizable AI output, diverse datasets, and affordable plans, Holo AI provides a platform for unrestricted exploration and creativity.

Published on Feb. 5, 2024