Testing emails has never been easier! Supercharge your marketing.

What is

Visit Site is an email and SMTP testing tool designed for developers. It simplifies the process of testing emails and supercharges marketing efforts. With, users can easily configure their testing environment, organize testing data, analyze email content and source, and integrate with their applications seamlessly.


  1. Individual Testing Environment: Each account comes with its own testing environment, allowing users to configure and integrate it with their applications effortlessly.
  2. Organized Testing Data: Users can create individual inboxes for different environments or review servers and group them into relevant projects, keeping all testing data organized in one place.
  3. Email Content and Source Analysis: enables users to view email messages, validate headers across email clients, and dig into both the content and source of their emails.
  4. Integration and Simulated Sending: Users can integrate with their CRM or email sending service to send emails directly to their Mailcatch account and simulate sending to multiple recipients.
  5. Collaboration and Access Management: Users can easily share test emails with their team, manage access to inboxes for colleagues or clients, and send selected test emails to whitelisted recipients.
  6. Proactive Support: provides support from a team of engineers and deliverability experts who are ready to assist with any issues.

Use Cases:

  • Email Testing: Developers can use to test application emails without additional effort, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of email communications.
  • Marketing Supercharging: empowers marketing teams to optimize their email campaigns by testing and analyzing email content, source, and delivery.
  • Development and Integration: Developers can seamlessly integrate with their projects and frameworks, making it easy to configure and test email sending functionalities.
  • Collaboration and Review: Teams can collaborate and review test emails within, ensuring effective communication and alignment before sending emails to real recipients.
  • Data Privacy Compliance: complies with GDPR and European privacy laws, providing a secure and privacy-friendly platform for testing emails.
Published on Jan. 27, 2024