Sargam Icons

A collection of 275+ open-source icons devoted to match your exquisite designs.

What is Sargam Icons?

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Sargam Icons is a website offering a collection of over 280 open-source icons. These icons are meticulously designed to complement your exquisite designs. The website provides the option to download the icons and offers a Figma copy for easy integration into your design projects. Each icon has been crafted on a 24 x 24 grid, ensuring simplicity, consistency, and flexibility.

The icons are built using SVG stroke, allowing for maximum styling flexibility. They are also optimized for better web performance when exported as SVGs.

Sargam Icons supports installation for Figma, optimized SVGs, and React. Users have the ability to request new icons by creating an issue on the website. The icons are released under the MIT License and are brought to you by Abhimanyu Rana.

Published on Oct. 27, 2023