Sniper CSS

Avoid unused CSS styles code in your Web/Apps.

What is Sniper CSS?

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Sniper CSS is a Chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store that helps developers avoid unused CSS styles in their web or app projects.

1. Collect CSS Rules: Sniper CSS interacts with your website or application and collects all the CSS rules. It does this by emulating different scenarios like Dark and Light themes, multiple media breakpoints, and switching User Agents.

2. Multiple Breakpoints: Sniper CSS supports multiple breakpoints, allowing you to analyze and optimize CSS styles for different screen sizes and resolutions.

3. Dark and Light Themes: With Sniper CSS, you can test and evaluate how your CSS styles perform in both Dark and Light themes. This helps ensure consistent and visually appealing designs across different themes.

4. Multiple User-Agents: Sniper CSS allows you to switch between different User Agents, enabling you to see how your CSS styles behave on different devices and browsers.

5. Node's Pseudo-States: Sniper CSS supports Node's Pseudo-States, which allows you to analyze CSS styles for various states of elements, such as hover, focus, and active states.

6. Keyframes: With Sniper CSS, you can examine and optimize CSS styles that involve keyframes, which are used for animations and transitions.

7. Other At-rules: Sniper CSS also supports other CSS at-rules like prefers-motion, pointer, and more. This ensures that your CSS styles are optimized for specific conditions and preferences.

8. On-load Hook Related Rules: Sniper CSS takes into account CSS rules related to the on-load hook, allowing you to analyze and optimize styles that are applied during the page load process.

Sniper CSS is a valuable tool for developers who want to streamline their CSS code and eliminate unused styles. By providing various testing scenarios and optimization options, Sniper CSS helps improve the performance and efficiency of your web or app projects.

Published on Dec. 31, 2023