SVGBox allows you to add any of the 4,623 icons we have to your project by using simple tags.

What is SVGBox?

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SVGBox is a website that offers an API for web icons, making it easier for you to include icons in your projects. It provides a range of features to simplify the process of adding icons to your website.

1. API for Web Icons: SVGBox provides an API that allows you to easily add icons to your web projects using simple tags. This means you can quickly integrate icons into your website without the need for complex coding.

2. Easy Copy and Paste: The website's main idea is to make including icons as simple as copy and paste. You can easily copy the required code snippet and paste it into your project, saving time and effort.

3. Free Service: SVGBox is a free service, which means you can access and use their icons without any cost. This makes it a budget-friendly option for adding icons to your website.

4. Icons delivered over Cloudflare CDN: The icons provided by SVGBox are delivered through Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network). This ensures fast and reliable delivery of icons to your website, enhancing performance.

5. Explore Iconsets: SVGBox offers a variety of iconsets for you to explore. These iconsets contain a collection of icons related to specific themes or styles. You can browse through these iconsets to find the icons that best suit your project's needs.

6. Stay Updated: By subscribing to SVGBox's email updates, you can receive occasional emails about new iconsets, recently launched features, and useful tips and tricks related to SVGs. This keeps you informed and helps you make the most out of SVGBox's offerings.

SVGBox is a user-friendly website that simplifies the process of adding web icons to your projects. With its API for web icons, easy copy and paste functionality, free service, reliable delivery through Cloudflare CDN, exploration of different iconsets, and email updates, SVGBox makes it convenient for you to enhance your website with visually appealing icons.

Published on Oct. 12, 2023