Unicorn icons

Unicorn icons are a collection of animated icons for your next project.

What is Unicorn icons?

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Unicorn icons is a website that offers a collection of over 100 playful animated icons for your next project. These icons can enhance the interactivity and visual appeal of your designs. They are customizable, allowing you to adjust colors, stroke width, background, and scale using the "unicorn icons editor" with ease.

The icons are available in JSON and SVG formats, making them versatile for various applications. You can export the icons in multiple formats and directly use them in your projects. Unicorn icons are designed to work seamlessly on web, mobile (Android and iOS), and support both light and dark modes.

The website provides six different styles for the icons, including monotone, duotone, and variations with circle or square backgrounds. The animations are carefully crafted with heart by Khushmeen, the creator behind Unicorn icons, to add playful visual moments to your interface.

Published on Oct. 27, 2023