Freely available web-based virtual browser. Try

What is

Try is a web-based virtual browser that allows users to access websites safely and securely without the need for installation or configuration. It provides a sandboxed environment to explore the internet, visit blocked sites, and protect against viruses and trojans.


  1. Virtual Browsing: Create a virtual environment on their servers and run the browser within it for secure browsing.
  2. Unrestricted Access: Bypass geo-restrictions and access content blocked in certain locations.
  3. Online Privacy: Browse anonymously and protect your online identity.
  4. Website Compatibility Testing: Test website compatibility with different browsers and devices.
  5. Website Unblocking: Access websites that are blocked on a network or by an organization.
  6. Vulnerability Testing: Test website security and identify vulnerabilities.
  7. Incognito Research: Conduct online research without leaving a digital footprint.
  8. Ad-Free Browsing: Enable ad-blocking and browse without ads.
  9. Traffic Masking: Ensure privacy of internet activities from local network users and ISPs.
Published on Jan. 28, 2024