Pixel Thoughts

A 60-second meditation tool to help clear your mind.

What is Pixel Thoughts?

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Pixel Thoughts offers a 60-second meditation tool designed to help clear the mind and reduce stress. The tool allows users to put a stressful thought or worry into a virtual star, symbolizing the act of letting go. As the user focuses on the star, the thought gradually fades away, providing a brief moment of calm and clarity.

The website aims to provide a quick and accessible meditation experience, even for those with limited time. By spending just one minute with the meditation tool, users can find a moment of respite from their busy lives and cultivate a sense of connection and relaxation.

After the meditation session, the website displays a message, expressing the hope that the user feels less stressed and more connected. Additionally, Pixel Thoughts suggests trying their other free meditation app called "Connected Breath: Online Group Meditation" and mentions that new mindfulness tools are coming soon.

Published on Jan. 9, 2024