IT automation for JavaScript developers.

What is runbed?

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runbed is a better automation platform designed specifically for developers. It provides a powerful and flexible environment for building and testing pipelines using JavaScript, Go, or Python. Whether you prefer to write your own code or utilize pre-built solutions created by others, the platform offers the tools and resources to streamline your automation workflows.

One of the key features of runbed is its focus on "Automation As Code." Developers can leverage their existing knowledge of JavaScript, Go, or Python to build and test pipelines. This approach allows for greater flexibility and ease-of-use, as you can work with the programming languages you are already familiar with.

Performance is a top priority for runbed. Each job within a pipeline runs as a separate lightweight cloud function, ensuring fast execution, immediate startup, and quick recovery in case of failures. This efficient execution enables you to automate tasks swiftly and reliably.

runbed also provides a plugin system that allows you to extend the platform's functionality. You can create custom plugins to add additional features or leverage existing plugins developed by other users. This ecosystem of plugins expands the capabilities of runbed and empowers you to tailor your automation workflows to your specific needs.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024