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Effortlessly condense text, websites, pdfs, and youtube videos anytime, anywhere, for free.

What is Summarize This?

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Summarize This is a versatile platform that allows you to effortlessly condense various types of content, including text, websites, PDFs, and YouTube videos. It simplifies your reading experience and helps you extract key information quickly.

1. Instant Text Condensing: With Summarize This, you can capture the essence of any text within seconds. It condenses the content while ensuring that no critical information is missed.

2. Quick Web Page Summaries: By simply pasting a link, Summarize This uses AI technology to extract the main points of a web page for you. It saves you time by providing concise summaries.

3. YouTube Video Summaries on Demand: If you want to skip to the important parts of a tutorial or informational video, Summarize This can generate concise summaries for you. This feature helps you get the key points without watching the entire video.

4. Summarize PDFs: Summarize This also offers experimental support for summarizing large PDFs. You can upload a PDF file, and the platform will extract the most important points from it. Please note that this feature is only available through the website and requires your own Open AI API Key.

5. Summarize on your iPhone Instantly: If you're using an iPhone, Summarize This provides a convenient shortcut action that allows you to summarize anything you need system-wide. It enables you to summarize content from anywhere on your iPhone.

6. Summarize Quick Actions on Chrome: With the Summarize Chrome extension, you can use quick actions to summarize text, URLs, and YouTube videos with just one click. This feature enhances your browsing experience and saves you time.

Summarize This is available for free, allowing you to start summarizing instantly. However, to access the full functionality, you will need your own Open AI API Key. The platform supports summarizing text, YouTube videos, URLs, and PDF files.

Additionally, Summarize This offers integration with your favorite platforms. You can add the Chrome extension to effortlessly summarize content while browsing. There is also an iOS app available, which allows you to take powerful summarization wherever you go. You can choose between using your own OpenAI Key or flexible subscription plans for the iOS app.

Summarize This is developed by @maail and offers a range of other free apps, including Kloud Chat for interacting with ChatGPT and other AI technologies, Simple Carousels for creating beautiful social media carousels, and Daily Hellos for making deeper connections with friends and family.

Summarize This simplifies the process of condensing content, making it easier for you to extract key information and save time in your reading and research endeavors.

Published on Jan. 1, 2024