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What is Teaming?

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Teaming is a platform designed to enhance team performance management. It provides tools and insights to help managers automate work, learn from their team, and guide them towards success.


  1. AI Meeting Notetaker: Automatically capture and transcribe meeting notes, making it easier to review and reference important discussions.
  2. Automated Task Detection: Identify and track tasks and action items discussed in meetings, ensuring accountability and follow-up.
  3. Auto-generated Performance Highlight Reels: Create dynamic highlight reels showcasing team achievements and individual contributions.
  4. Communication Insights: Gain valuable insights into team communication patterns, identifying areas for improvement and fostering effective collaboration.
  5. Team Intelligence: Leverage data and analytics to understand team dynamics, strengths, and areas of development.

Use Cases:

  • People Leadership and Management: Provides managers with the necessary tools and insights to excel in their roles, enhancing their ability to lead and manage their teams effectively.
  • Productive and Intentional Conversations: The platform facilitates productive discussions during 1:1 meetings and team meetings, offering unique features that enable focused and meaningful conversations.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Allows team members to better understand their colleagues, fostering stronger collaboration and improved teamwork.
  • Job Transitions: Teaming can be valuable during job changes, helping individuals adapt to new teams and ensuring a smooth transition by providing insights and facilitating effective communication.
  • Hybrid Work Management: Offers resources and guidance to managers navigating the challenges of hybrid work, supporting them in maintaining team productivity and engagement.
Published on Jan. 28, 2024